St. Aubin Ink is a creative brand dedicated to connecting people around the world. The brand is based on the personality of a global black woman – a traveler, an expat, and a creative soul.


  • A little about me
  • My name is Alecia Aubin, and I am a writer with a deep-seated curiosity about the lives of other black women around the world. 
  • My personal and professional experience serves as the primary inspiration for St. Aubin Ink. I am a traveler, an expat, and a creative soul.
  • My primary objective is to create a brand that develops content for professional women with a global focus that empowers, educates, and most importantly entertains.  
  • I am a diverse individual and I believe that my unique voice and perspective will be the key to engaging you as my audience.
  • I was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, and moved to New York City at the age of 13. I moved to Budapest, Hungary in 2014.
  • Living as a Jamaican born American ex-pat in Budapest has re-ignited my desire to examine the black woman experience across the globe and ultimately to bridge the gap by creating a platform where the complexities of that experience can be shared.
  • I strongly believe that shared experience is the best vehicle for building communities
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